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Cats Are Chasing Dogs

As of Saturday Keri has been on 4 dates with 4 different guys. All of which have barely made an effort to talk to her Yet , all they're all over her Instagram feed liking and commenting on her photos as if they were interested.

"Well at least you know you're hot. Maybe they want something a little less serious than what you want." I explained

"Thanks" she laughed " I'm just sick of these new aged guys. They are all over you on social media, but when you try to actually talk to them they have no idea what to do. What happened to courting? Or even getting a 'Hey I had a good time, lets get together again' message? I'm so tired of being left in the dark! I don't know if they're only responding because  I texted them or do they really want to talk?" She whined  "Like me and Donald went out and had a great time Friday, but I haven't talked to him since. The only reason why I know he's still alive is because he liked my selfie.."

"Well.. maybe that's his way of showing you get interested. He just wants to be pursued." I said

"That's the tell-tale signs of a guy trying to be a player. I'm sick of players! I want something real. No games, no bs, just something real. Is that to much to ask?" She pouted resting her head on the table.

Girl, its 2016. You're asking for the world...

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