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Sex is The New Black Card

Its Tuesday my friends and I are down at the Khaos, a trendy new bar spot in town that just opened up in NoDa the art district. Marlo recently began having an affair with a wealthy mortgage broker, who only calls her when he's been hitting the bottle to hard, and the day was bad.

"Sex is so easy to come by these days, it seems to be all people are looking for." Marlo says. "Its more so a business transaction than actual love. Take for example Kim Kardashian, she basically fucked her way to the top. All those men she was with, do you think she loved any of them? Probably not, not real love anyway." 

"I wouldnt say that," Marissa chimed. "She has a kid with Kanye, that might be real love."

"Please! That's just a broken condom" Marlo snapped "When was the last time you heard of anything romantic between them? Shes proof you can fuck your way to a cute bag, a new purse, a better life. There's no stopping a woman with good pussy and a cute face. Its like have a credit card with no limit."

"Yeah until you catch an STD or a pregnancy." Stacey laughed in to her glass.

"I'm just saying, if you got the goods and guys are willing to pay you for them. Why not use them?"

"Well thats prostitution my dear, and its illegal."

"Not if you do it right hunny, you can't get arrested if it comes with the territory. Its just incentives."

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