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Pay Day For The Mistress

The story I'm about to unfold is one for the books. My friend Diana was dating a lawyer named Louis. They were together for about a year on ocassion they would go out on week nights, but every Friday night they would go for dinner and spin some alone time together. They were set to be wed, well in Diana's dreams they were. One day in early January they got in a huge arguement and split. 

That was the end of Louis right? 

Not exactly...

Monday she had got a interesting phone call from someone very close to Louis, his wife. Apparently she had her own suspicions about Louis, she was told that Diana was just a friend and that there was nothing between them. However, the little wife must have become wise to his game.

Just as Diana left another girl named Jade was quickly making her way in to Louis's phone labeled as"just a friend". Now she's (the wife) is becoming suspicious of every "friend" Louis has. 

She did the adult thing and confronted Diana woman to woman and they met up outside of Chipotle for some burrito bowls and chat and discussed what exactly went on between Diana and Louis. Obviously Louis didn't like that, so he contacted Diana and came up with quite the proposal. I'll give you $1,500 for your silence. 

I don't know what's completely at risk for Louis if it's  worth giving up that shiny of a penny for your mistress's silence, but its a very lovely payday for Diana..  

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