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The Anatomy Of The HookUp

In the dating world of today we longer differentiate between a friends w/ benefits, a hook up or a steady bootycall. Essentially they're all the same, but the way we interact with that person is completely different. For example a steady bootycall would most likely know of one or two of your friends. Usually because they met while one was leaving your apartment  Although you may talk and occasionally chill (like watch a movie at your place) with a steady booty call, you would not invite them to a friend's wedding as your plus one. But you would with a FWB, because you're still friends.

A Hook Up relationship usually, if not always, involves some type of alcohol whether it's consumed prior to the hook up or to get ready to hook up. They usually tend to happen randomly because it's been forever since you got laid. Essentially a hook up is something fun for a night. Nothing in the least bit serious.

It's a quickie with a stranger, nothings going to come from it. Yet some girls try to make it more than just that, they tend to think they're obligated to continue a relationship. Or worst, they need that companionship to they try to force it.

So to avoid all that heart ache and headache Ive dissected the anatomy of a hook up. If you check 3 out of 5 of these bullets then its a hook up.

How to know if you're in a hook up situation?

  1.  You were really drunk and/or horny when you met and had sex almost instantly.
  2. His number is not saved in your phone, or you don't recognize his name.
  3. You need a picture to remember what he looks like.
  4. You woke up not knowing who's bed you were in.
  5. If and when he contacts you it's after 10 pm and he's not exactly asking you how your day went. 

Now that you can identify that you were in fact a hook up, Here's what you do the morning after..

  1. Leave out as quickly and as quietly as possible, no need to drag this encounter out. 
  2. If you do recall his name save it in your phone to avoid the dreaded "Remember me we hooked up last night?" moment.
  3. Don't expect a text/ or call.. sorry.. not sorry.
  4. Make sure a condom was worn if you're not sure plan an STD and Pregnancy test ASAP. 
  5. Send a group text to your girls to let them know you're OK. Hey they worry. 

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