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How to Clean and Recharge your Crystals

While crystals are great for clearing and cleansing your auras and charkas, they do hold on to the toxins that we eliminate from our bodies. Crystals are very sensitive and can absorb energy very easily and quickly, so its best to clear -or clean- your crystals before you use them as well as afterwards.

You want to clean them regularly so when they are being used they are working properly and you're receiving the full benefits of crystal healing. I will also show you how to recharge the crystals after you wash them to restore their energy.

Let's begin.....

Cleaning crystals is fairly simple actually you can simply rinse them with water!
Ocean, lake, or filtered water is the best option,water is a universal cleanser. You can also add salt for its electric properties.

Smudging is also a great way to cleanse cystals after use, as well as your entire home!

After you cleanse its best to recharge your crystals so they can can their power back! You can charge your crystals buy placing the them in a clear glass filled with water, then placing the glass on a windowsill. Ideally have the crystals facing south to charge in the sun. You can also charge them in moonlight using the same method. Or by bury the crystal under a full moon, its a great way to take advantage of the magnetic forces of the moon as well as the intensifying powers of the earth.

A great way to cleanse and charge your crystals at the same time is by using other crystals! A crystal can be placed in a large crystal cluster or a generator crystal like a large quartz.

Citrine for example is another great choice, its one of two crystals that is automatic self cleansing and can cleanse other crystals. The second is a Kyanite, crystal that is extremely powerful with aligning your Chakras.

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