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How To Wear Heels Everyday

Early last week me and a good friend of mine were discussing our recent disconnect from the "world of glam". We became shells of what we once were and we're becoming (dare I say) basic. Drawing inspiration from the classic film mean girls we decided to make a pact where we must follow a set of rules to improve our way of dress and how we took care of ourselves . One of those rules were to get in the daily habit of wearing heels . Neither one of us wore them regularly and we each grew fonder every day of our flats. However with the spirit of change in our hearts we pushed on to this heels everyday and flats twice a week rule. Let me tell you ladies it's not all that fun. While I'm getting more accustomed to tired feet syndrome I am enjoying how leggy I look everyday as well as my posture is greatly improving. But one must wonder can you really wear heels everyday for 8 or more hours, and how do you deal with these torture devices? Well that's what I'm here for.


You don't have to prep but you'll be thankful that you did in the long run. So if you haven't worn heels in a while or the shoes are tight try stretching them out either by walking around in thick socks or with an ice bag full of water in the freezer to stretch them out. You also should invest in some inserts for heels for comfort wherever you feel the most pressure.


Make sure you are not going to be walking a lot especially if you're just starting out or you don't usually wear heels. If you're going to work and you have a desk job this will be a good place to break in your shoes same you're going out to or to the movies. Any more movement may be painful but just remember the killer workout your calves are getting!

End Of The Day...

No matter the pain make sure you take a seat and a deep breath  but always strut your stuff, it is a commitment, don't give up at the end of the day! Once the day has ended take a load off and relax and look down at your beautiful torture devices give yourself a nice foot massage or foot soak for all your hard work and get ready for tomorrow!

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