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How To Properly Detox Your Skin

I go out a fair bit, I also like to drink the occasional bottle of wine, those to activities don't leave me with the most enthusiasm to wash off all my make up. Sometimes I don't even make it back to my bed and I'll quickly crash on my couch and deal with the after math later. Almost always it's never worth it, the next day I'm literally waiting for the break out. I've invested in some makeup wipes that help but don't do the job. But most times I'm to drunk to care. So I've created a little system to help my skin bounce back from a long night of shenanigans.

The first step is to properly remove all traces of make up.

I prefer to use a makeup wipe to do this, I feel like when I use my cleanser to wash make up off (without using a wipe first) it just rubs the make up around and doesn't really do anything skin wise. Plus it seems like a waste of cleanser, because I have to use a pump to take off the make up and then another to wash my face.


Now that the majority of the make up is wiped off I'll use a cleanser to simply rub off any excess makeup, I just do this with my hands. For this I use a very gentle cleanser that's really good and getting the surface dirt off. I make sure I wash my lashes really well because there might be mascara stuck in my lashes and my lips just in case my lipstick didn't come all the way off with the wipe (Kat Von D Liquid lipsticks are famous for this!) You just want to be sure you have absolutely no traces of make up on your face.

After I'm sure the surface dirt (makeup and oils ) are off it's time to get those pores clean! I have a cleanser that has little beads in them that help scrubs as well as a little plastic scrubber and I work that all over my face getting it in to a really good lather working it in to my temples and cheeks. Those are the areas I'm very prone to break out. But it's good to scrub really deep where ever you seem to be the most break out prone.  

Once I'm all scrubbed down it's clarisonic time! I like using the clarisonic as my final step because whatever the manual exfoliation didn't get, the clarisonic will! It does this because the pulsations and the vibrating action raises the blood flow which also brings the dirt to the surface of the skin. I usually go over my face twice with it than rinse.

Finally I use a deep cleansing mask ( like PTR Sulfur Mask) to finish the cleansing process and treat any pimple that thinking of popping up.   

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