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While my life seams to be on a sexual up swing, another's fell to ground zero.

Mary came home with takeout ready to have a cozy night in with her new beau when she found her apartment ransacked. Everything was gone, her Tv was missing, some of her boyfriend's jewelry was gone, and her medicine cabinet  was raided. She called her then boyfriend Ronaldo to tell him the news and see if he was ok, but the phone kept going to voicemail.

"I didn't know what to think! I couldn't get a hold of him." She said taking a long drag from her cigarette. "He vanished. It was wasn't until I looked on the dresser I saw a note from him. All it said was, 'Its Over. Don't call.' I tried reaching him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everywhere... he blocked me on everything." 

"Did you call the cops? I mean he took the fucking TV?!" I asked.

"No, I mean it was his. Besides they'd have just as good of luck finding him as I did." She said putting her face in her hands. "I just want to know what happened. I talked to him this morning...everything was fine. I bought him takeout because we had plans to binge watch the last season of American Horror Story. Ugh!" She screamed lifting her head finally. "I just want to know where the hell he went!"

"We'll find out" I said pulling out my phone. I went to his Facebook and found out he went to Michigan..

"Michigan?! Whats in Fucking Michigan?" She exclaimed "I'm done, I'm SOOOO done with men."

I was dumbfounded, literally speechless. This was so not an 'you shouldn't have trusted him moment' but they did move in together just after 6 months of dating...

I cant with him. Beware women in Michigan a dog is loose. 

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