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Stop Fluffing My Pillows

Mark is an entrepreneur building a business that repairs computers and phones. He also is working his current so-called dream job for years . Attractive enough, he stand 6 feet tall strong build and a megawatt smile. The only issue is he's probably the dullest person you've ever met.

On paper he's a perfect catch but if you talk to him for about 5 minutes you'll realize.....

  1. He talks about the same things all the time. I mean all the time. It's either computers, whatevers he's doing at the moment, or how he used to party so hard now he doesn't ( and no there are no funny stories.)
  2. He leads you on. While he doesn't mention that he wants a girlfriend, he flirts, calls you pet names and says how he would love to take care of you. He's the king of mixed messages.
  3. Lastly he never wants to hang out. Hell mention all the fun things that the two of you will do but if you ask when.. it's like a month or so from now for whatever reason. Like yawn..
Essentially he's a waste of time. I met him one day out grocery shopping and one a whim gave him my number. We had great conversations but the began getting repetitive. When I ask to go out or he mentions some fun activity, it's not for weeks. It gets confusing and I'd rather not have someone who is starting to look more and more like a conman. I can understand if it'll take you a while but a movie doesn't take much planning. 

I don't know if he's interested or not, but if he is then these games are not needed. I'm way to old to be guessing if you like me or just want to be friends.

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