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What Men Don't Understand About Cheating

The other day I was talking to my friend Ryan. He's currently engaged to a lovely woman and they have a child together. He also travels alot, one time when he was on a business trip he met a fair young lady and they ended up having sex. He immediately came home and told his fiance about it. Since then his wife has been going through his phone and watching his every move.

Which he just doesn't understand, because he was honest with his chesting.  The thing he doesn't get is he still cheated. While it's great that he told her about it, he still cheated. That's not OK even if it was just a f*** as he claims.

In the famous words of Beyonce from her song 'Resentment' "Dont know how you gave another who didnt mean a thing the very thing you gave to me." She may have meant nothing to you because it was just sex but you gave your body to her, the same body you said would be faithful to her. Its not cool just because you told her did it,that doesnt make it ok. Its as if you slapped her in the face and said she should be cool with it because she saw you were about to slap her.

No its not ok, cheating is never ok. If you cant be trusted to remain faithful away, why should she trust you when you are here? Cheating breaks the bond of trust and is just disrespectful, who would be ok with that?

Still dont get it, fellas (or whomever is in this situation)?

Well imagine if your girl cheated on you while you were at work and when you came home, she told you about it. Then  said "But we're cool, right? Cause I told you."  Is that ok?

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