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5 Easy Ways To Detox After The Holidays

Sometimes there's to much of a good thing. The holidays being one of them. While I love the holidays there's way to much traveling, family times, and food. There's only so much I can actually do with the other two however I got you covered with dealing with the after math of overindulging on the heavy foods and good wine.

Detox, of course! Its a beautiful thing, honestly one of my most favorite things of eating. It just makes me feel good and clean inside. And theres so  any ways you can do it right after holiday season is the best time. Below I will list my top 5 ways to detox and get that clean feeling.

Number 1 is probably the most obvious LOAD UP ON VEGGIES!
   Yes yes after all that yummy delicious food its time to eat like a rabbit.

Number 2   Get (and stay) Hydrated
      Try to eat water rich foods like melon and cucumbers as well as drinking plenty of water to help cleanse your body right.

Number 3 Digestive Teas
     Stimulate you liver and digestive system with some bitter herbs found in digestive teas, also....

Number 4 Get in your Probiotics
      These little boogers are the bacteria you need to get your guy in check.

Number 5 Detox Tea or Pills
     If you're impatient and need a quick fix then detox pills and teas would do the trick. Bht be careful over use of any of these products can have and adverse effect, I'm talking serious constipation. 

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