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Beware of Bitter Men On Tinder

Dating ain't easy. That's something we all know far to well. It can get frustrating really fast and it seems like you really just want to say f*** it.

Just like Jamal. I met Jamal through Tinder and shortly (like 3 days) we arrange to meet up at a local cafe.

Unfortunately I get stuck at work so it takes me a lot longer than expected to get off. He calls me to see what's going on if we were still linking up and when I tell him I'm still at work he gets frustrated. Not the usual " what's going on" mad but the " why don't you know? What's going on? I need to get ready OMG" mad like bruh is it that serious? I tell him I'm not sure I still have to finish up here and I'll call him then I hang up.

Instantly I'm turned off. That's already an issue, secondly this is our first time talking something obviously came up, not can't be a little more understanding?

After an hour or so I head home and text him asking if he wants to still meet up. I'm regretting asking it in general but hey why not?

Eventually we end up at the cafe. It's packed with people and I stand waiting for him at the front staring up at the menu. He walks in from behind and says 'hey we can sir over there" continuing to walk down the hall. As if I'm inconveniencing and he had better things to do.

We walk down this long red hall to a part of the cafe that I didn't know was there. Turns out there was a hookah bar in the back. But there's a cover which he isn't about to pay so we bowed out and sat on the patio.

As soon as we sat down he goes on about how this generation isn't consistent and how he was fed up and irritated with it. How he wanted to skip pass the get to know you phase and just find someone. Literally for like 5 minutes. I'm just sitting there like oookayyy I don't really know how to take this in. Like we just met and sat down like we have to get to know each other before anything actually happens. Why am I here? I wonder.

Finally he takes a breath and I ask him. Do you want me to listen or do you want my advice?

Oh you have input? He asked.

Yeah you should bitter like why date if you don't want to meet anyone ?

Well I do want to meet someone I haven't given up complete hope.

Well you have to meet and get to know people before anything can happen.

It grows quite. I start to laugh a little in my head, only because I knew there would be an awkward silence. And I also knew I shouldn't have came out that night.

Eventually he raises his head and asks me general questions about me and what I do. It's now only been about 15 minutes . I know the nights coming to an end, I just don't know how to end it exactly. So, I tell him I have to work early and have to be home soon. He agrees and we end with a hug. I didn't expect to hear from him again honestly until he texted around noon the next day just to say good morning and have a nice day. Which is sweet, but for first impressions he completely blew it, and you know what they only get one chance at a first impression.

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