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Celebrating Christmas With Satan

It's that special time of year when you're semi-obligated to visit your family. This year I was actually able to go home, not sure if that's a good or bad thing but I went.

While sitting down nonfunctional own business scrolling on Instagram my aunt comes over bouncy my new niece on her knee.

Oooh talking to your boyfriend? She asked

I smile politely and shake my head. I know where this is headed.

"You know your cousin Sade is on her 3rd child! And Darryl is getting married! Oh, I'm so happy for you guys! All grown up. When are you going to settle down and start a family? You know a career can't keep you warm at night." She persists.

"Well, you don't get much sleep with kids and a husband, so sleep always wins." I hiss.

Her condescending smile and tone is the exact reason I stayed away. Little does she know I'm not lonely, I have a man or two and zero kids. I'm free to sleep and shop at my leisure. Some women hate to see other woman happy living a not so traditional life. Oh well...

Happy Holidays

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