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My Drunken Epiphany

You ever have a moment that makes you clutch your pearls with disgust? Maybe not so much disgust but a moment where your like 'what the bleep am I doing?' That legit happened to me night. Never in my life would I have thought I'd be in this moment, looking at my phone drunk saying you gotta get your sh*t together, because this is awful.

I was texting my ex. Not just any ex, the high school ex that teaches you about love, betrayal and heartbreak. He was in my phone constantly and I was replaying and it wasn't until I was drunk that when I saw his number pop up on my screen with a message saying "Hey Boo" I was like ewwww! Omg have I sunk that low?

It's never that bad is it? It must have gotten really 'real' for a second. My 14 year old self would have her mouth a gape in shock that I would honestly sink this low. Like you did me dirty af and I'm waiting on you years later to come down? No honey, I can't do that. So it's time to block some numbers and sip tea cause this situation and him is for the birds and I'm not nature enthusiast.

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