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Dating A Mama's Boy

Craig was an amazing guy. He was beyond handsome and had a megawatt smile, he also had a great body at an awesome job working at a law firm. He took me out on a fabulous date to a nice restaurant then we went for a walk through the Art District.

 We had a great conversation and I didn't want the night to end so we ended up back at his place for a nightcap which of course ended with me staying the night. We woke up very early that morning around 8 or 9 a.m. and begin making coffee and toast.

Suddenly we here the door being unlocked. I wondered who was coming in seeing how he stays in a one-bedroom apartment, and never mentioned anything about having a roommate.
I asked him "who is that?"
"It's probably my mom." he answers.
"Your mom?!" I said rushing back to the bedroom just before the door opened.
 I hurried to get my clothes on and I heard them talking. I knew for sure it had to be his mother just by the way she asked "Is somebody here?"
"Yes" he said trying to shush her. After that I could barely understand what they were saying so I waited awkwardly and his room until he came to get me. A few moments passed before he came in and asked if I needed anything.

"No." I said, "Is she still here?
"Yeah, she stays with me during the week."
"You could have told me that before I stayed the night."
"Well I wasn't expecting her, but she has a key so she pretty much just comes  over whenever. You want to meet her?"
"What? No! Can you just get my underwear from the kitchen? I'm going home.
He went to go grab my underwear and handed them to me. Once I had them on I legit had to sneak out of this grown man's house to avoid his mom. When I got to the car I blocked his number and I unmatched him on Tinder.

 Seriously WTF.

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