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My Strange Intervention

Something that I realized through out my life is people are fascinated with sex whether you're having it or not. As you know probably all to well I'm a pretty active girl, I like sex, I enjoy it well enough but it seems as if  I've been to busy to have it.  Honestly I hadn't realize how long it had been until my friend  Tonya had mentioned it to me one day at lunch. She was talking about her latest sexual encounter with Fergus(ugly name right?) they had gone out to dinner at Ruth's and ended up having dessert in the rest room.

" I couldn't believe that I was having sex in public! It was such a rush" She gushed

"Well congrats! Welcome to the Exhibitionist Club." I said lifting my glass in toast.

" So what's been going on with you?" She asks.

I knew she was looking for some great sex tale that would make a nun quiver in sexual angst. But there isn't one, my lady bits have been drier that chapped lips in winter.
" No news today, sadly. I said taking a bite out of my salad.
"Yeah I haven't had any really since October." I answered.
Her eyes lowered as she quietly replied "Ohh..."
 "I've just been really busy" I answered.
"Is everything Ok? She asked a lot more concerning than I expected. I thought it was a bad sign when people are having to much sex. Yet I was having a surprise pity party because my (still single a**) hadn't had sex in three months?

"Everything's fine...Why" I asked

"Well, is this a new life change thing you're trying out?" She asked eyes locked on mine.

"uhm no I just haven't met anyone that I wanted to have sex with."

She laughed and not a chuckle but a real hearty Santa clause laugh. "Really you? This is the same chick who fucked the Uber guy!" If you're not having sex then the rest of us are screwed, and not in a good way."

Jesus frickin' Christ can't a girl's lady bits get a rest every once in a while with out making it seem as if I'm becoming a nun? Apparently not. This conversation made me not even want to entertain the idea of sex, and I'm not even remotely interested having sex just because it's expected of me. But just between us gals ( and possibly a guy) some day soon will be nice, I think I might be getting cob webs down there.

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