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#Obsessed: H&M Home Collection

H&M came out with a home collection late in 2013 and to be honest I didn't really know or care simply because I was living with 3 guys at the time and the last thing I wanted to do was to buy something chic just to have them muck it up. But I have since moved out in to my own crap of a shack and I'm determined to make it look as best as I can, plus I love shopping for home decor and don't need much of a reason to buy affordable throw pillow. And in comes H&M with a home collection that I live for. It's chic and reasonably price compared to come of their counter parts *cough* *cough* anthropology. I can justify these purchases with little to no guilt.

So on a recent binge I thought I'd show you what I'm #Obsessed with....

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