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Skyn Plumping Lip Gels

One thing I can admit is I'm not really pleased with my lips. I know bigger lips are on every one's radar since Kylie, now I couldn't mind fuller lips my whole thing is a dryness issue. Unless I'm slathering  my lips everyday with Carmax those betty's will get drier than the desert. Insert in Skyn, I'm sure you've seen this brand before, if you shop at Ulta or TJ Maxx but they have these lip sheet masks that you leave on for about 10 minutes the remove and reveal perfectly hydrated and plump lips. I like that it's easy and quick, what I love is you feel it tingling as it's treating your skin! I don't know I'm just that type of person I have to feel that it's working or I don't believe it. Anyway I usually get the pack of two, because I don't really need it too soon after I use it (i.e. Long lasting results!) But it gets a million heart emoji's from me!  

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