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The DTF Shorts {Part 1}

You know what they say when you're looking for love you'll never find it. I think it applies to sex as well. You never find anything good whilst you hunting. A perfect example is when I met up with Jacob. He hit me up on the late night tip around one or two o'clock in the morning asking to come over. I was down because I was already using my B.O.B. so might as well go with the real thing, right?

So I told him to come on through. I rushed through my closet to find my DTF shorts with no luck. I should have known then what this night would entail, but I pushed on trying to convince my self that these shorts weren't the bread and butter of my sex life. I decided I would wear a pair of leggings and an over sized top, didn't give off the vibe that I wanted but I was pressed for time. About 20 minutes later he knocks on my door and I welcome him in. He had some grass so we smoked a but which always makes me really chill and lazy, again should have known how this was going to go. We talked a little bit, but we mostly watched TV.  After an hour or so he says that he's getting cold and wanted to cuddle so I leaned in a little closer, hoping he'd make a move so I wasn't up this late for no reason. But he didn't, he was literally just cold. So, we just sat there under my leopard printed blanket watching reruns of Seinfeld. Around 3:30a he asked if I was tired I, of course, said no. But he insisted because I had to work tomorrow that I should probably get some rest. I caved, I'm at home you're not, so he's, of course, free to go at any time. So he left and I thought that would be the end of it.

Lo' and behold he texted me the next day saying.. and I quote " IDK what it was about you last night. But I wanted you to sit on my face lol. I was horny the whole time" My jaw literally dropped. He got the vibe that I wasn't interested in anything but chilling that late at night. Really my dude? It had to because of the leggings, like seriously.  

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