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Real Talk: IS Period Sex Ok

As you know we talk openly and freely about sex here on Jaded Hills.  Something I've always been curious about is period sex. Now I know at least once in all our lives we've has sex on our period, whether it was a really light day, the day before, or you just said f*** it and went for it. You did it. But there are so many myths about Period Sex you really don't know if you should or shouldn't. I've heard many claims that you won't get pregnant if you had sex whole you're on,  that it can lead to a yeast infection or UTI, also that it could dry you out. So in short, should I or could I have sex on my period?

According to Every day Health it is safe to have sex on your period, that you'll be even more sexually aroused during this time It's also less likely that you'll have to use lubricates because of you know the blood? But it's all good to get down while auntie flow is in town. You still can get pregnant while you're on so you still want to use a condom and of course put a towel down to prevent any mess or alot of clean up.

So if you're down with the blood train go for it. However, that mess is not for me on a heavy day at least, maybe when there's not much going on I'll do it but still eh. What about you?

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