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The Best Foaming Cleanser I've Tried! (So far..)

As I said I'm looking for a new cleansing routine to make my skin botox flawless minus the treatment. My current routine isn't working and, honestly just bored with it, I don't care for my cleansers and my treatments feel dated. I mean I've had the same products for years I swear by them! However, I'm bored, so, I headed to Sephora, because I needed quality skin care that I know would work.

That's when I discovered a foaming green tea cleanser (right), its by Real Fresh. It has actual green tea leaves in the bottom and gives you a real lux foam.
Now I'm really picky with cleansers. I like it thick, gentle, and rich, just like my men. This is my cleanser, well my top cleansers. It's all natural, of course, and does a great job at removing my makeup, my face feels clean but not tight and it gave me a beautiful glow. Like insane. It seriously improved the overall condition of my skin as well appearance. My patches are gone and I'm less oily. I  ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ it seriously.

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