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The DTF Shorts Part 2

If you stayed till the final conclusion thank you so much! I'll get straight to it.....

The next evening I was back at home sipping on some wine and thumbing through Instagram when a text message pops up on my screen.  It was Eric. I didn't really know how to feel about him after our initial meeting, to be honest, I didn't know really what we were, or that he even texted me, since the last time things didn't go exactly as expected. Out of simple curiosity, I texted him back. A few emoji's later he made plans to come over around 10p to finish where we left off.
This time I would not be deterred it had been months since I had been touch and a fortnight before it was anything worth mentioning, it had to happen. This time the shorts were in clear eyeshot, right in my dresser drawer. I grabbed my favorite hot pink lace thong, oiled up my legs and slipped on my short... oh baby I was ready.

He gets there and begins making idle conversation I place my legs on his lap revealing my freshy shaven legs, and oh so casually asked him for a massage. Of course he consented, when I tell you I've never been had my clothes taken off so quickly it was like lightening. Soon we were in the bedroom tossing and turning like we've made love a thousand times. After a few moments, we stopped and I realized something, something which would explain why I was more tired than satisfied. We were using Lifestyle condoms, Lifestyles.

You know what they say about Lifestyles condoms, right? Well, let's just say they're for the guys you don't use the eggplant emoji for. It all came to light. We came out to the living room and it was all revealed he was covering his dick with one hand.. tightly.

All this time and manpower used on a guy who used Lifestyle condoms. I don't think I'll ever come back from this. I'm offended and disrespected.

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