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Why I Relax My Hair

When I was growing up I grew up in a very natural household. My sisters didn't relax their hair and neither did my mother. As I grew older and could make my own decisions on how I wanted to maintain my look I wanted to give a relaxer I try. I assumed like most people naive to the relaxing process that my hair would be easier to maintain and most importantly I wouldn't have to wrap my hair up at night.

That didn't last, my hair broke off a tremendous amount and I felt like it took a lot more work to do my hair now that it had weakened. I was completely turned off from the idea after that I decided to not to relax my hair again and went back to being natural. When I was in the 12th grade I decided to cut my hair all off, well I did a pixie cut. My hair was still natural and I enjoyed it but I was constantly applying heat to my hair to achieve the look and styles I wanted which isn't healthy either. Finally, agianst the pleas from my family, I went back to the creamy crack and never looked back.

Recently there has been a change in the black community where wearing your natural hair texture is in. I've often contemplated on going back to natural and growing my hair ou to maintain the looks of these beautiful curly tresses. However, after watching countless Instagram videos on how to do these natural hair looks, as well as how long it would take me to actually grow my hair out to these lengths I have to politely decline the offer.

It's not that I don't like the look of natural hair, I don't like the maintenance of it and that's ok. The beautiful thing about hair is that it comes in all curls and styles and you can do so much with it. I just don't, I'm not the girl who like playing in her hair for hours or really changing up my look for that matter. I have a look, a signature style, the short cropped cut and it's a lot easier and looks nicer to me and on me relaxed, plus there's little to no heat damage.

So if you're a girl like me, and like low maintenance easy hair, or just prefer straighter hair to curly, you're not alone. #CreamyCrackheadsUnite

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