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Chanel & iD Magazine Collab In This Trippy Vid

I've always had a soft spot for fashion videos. The scenery and aesthetics alone are always mesmerizing. Chanel x iD collaboration takes you to a whole other level with the visual imagery that makes you wish you actually lived in this world, especially when it features Lisa Bonet, you know it's got to be cool.

The film centers around synaesthesia it's the idea that certain scents can evoke visions and images through smell. The store in the film is designed as if you're experiencing synaesthesia yourself. Bonnet mixes the scents the girl brings her in what looks like a fish tank then hands her some to drink.

What happens next is nothing short of a hallucinogenic acid trip that tantalizes the mind, and consumes the watcher with visual delight, all while calling to your heart's passion.

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Titled Jelly Wolf By Alma Har'el

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