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Down The Road Of Red Flags

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Over the years there are a few things that I have learned through my lot in life.

  1. There are no rules in fashion
  2. Always look on the lighter side.
  3. And always trust your gut.
These rules have never steered me wrong (so far) with this in mind let's talk about Devon. I've known Devon for a while just as friends, he's had a few girlfriends in the past but nothing about him ever sent off any flags. We decided after both of our relationships have ended we chose to take things a little further.  

The first day I started to notice things that were a little off. His first question was if I was talking to anyone else. That's typically a valid question, however, context is key. He didn't just ask me, for any distinctive reason. This is a guy who's known me throughout the course of my blog and he knows I'm a one person, person. I don't like muddying the waters because if a baby pops up I don't want to take a guess on who the dad might be. With that being said, I don't understand why he would ask, but I brush it off because it's valid. 

I continue you on talking to him and we go on a few nice dates. Then I start noticing something when we talk, It's never a discussion or even a light conversation. I always feel as if I'm defending something with him. Like I always have to justify my answer or a behavior in some way. I get that people have different opinions bout something and that's all fine and well but, at this moment 5 days in, I should be elated not second guessing. 

Fast forward to current time, for the past two days the conversations have been short and one worded. When I tried to bring up any type of conversation it's reward by nothing, good, ok, then when I respond short it's like disapproval and I'll get an 'SMH'. What I'm quickly realizing is this "Man" is a boy who loves a game and likes to have women craving his attention. Why else would you be cold hearted to a Good Morning text?  The feminist in me won't allow this because to a certain extent it's degrading. Why should I be the only one showing interest? I've done nothing wrong yet I feel as if I have. It's a psychological game that makes one of the parties subservient to another more dominant party, making them feel as if they've done something wrong so they'll make it up to the more dominate person. 

If you have to make me go crazy for you by mind games and you're not confident enough that your dick game will make me go crazy for you. Then you're not worth my time. Seriously and this goes out for any girl reading this. If you're talking to a guy who doesn't make an effort for conversation or to get to know you (.e. asks sincere questions about you like your likes and dislikes. hobbies, etc), or he plays games like this, picks arguments, or makes you mad for no reason. Leave, we're too bad and boujee for this mess.

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