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8 questions to ask yourself when you're decluttering

When I clean house I always find items that I have forgotten all about. It's not like I want to forget about these items I just do but when I do find them I don't necessarily want to give them away why you may ask because I just sent them I'm a pack rat I know even no and I know because I asked myself these simple questions.

Have you use this in the last year? Chances are if you haven't then you won't notice if it's gone

Would you buy it again? If not touch it

Are you only keeping it to save money? If you bought it and you haven't used it or wore it then you've already wasted the money. Might as well not have it waste space you can always sell it and try to get some of that money back

Are you holding on for sentimental value? This is where the whole take a picture it'll last longer comes and supply you can always frame it or save it forever in a picture but hanging on to your old boyfriend's hoodie is probably a bad idea anyway.

Do you have similar items that do the same job? If so then you've already met your need so toss the extras

Do I have a realistic plan for this? thing that a dress or shirt would be great for such and such occasion or worse for when you finally get back into those High School skinny jeans are great goals however what stage of puberty being a thing is it really realistic can you really just go buy another pair pants that same size? You probably can I say if you have a certain time frame that you want to wear it set that goal however if you do not wear it within that certain time frame Let It Go

Doesn't fit in your life anymore? Just like your old teddy bears and your something or another doesn't really fit in your life anymore do you really have any use for this probably not if you can think of three good reasons to keep it then toss it

Is it broke? Don't keep broke items is really bad for the Fung shway. If you're not going to get it fixed then let it go.

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