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Aaliyah Give Me Strength

Aaliyah once said in her hit song 'Try Again' I might be shy on the first date, what about the next date. I might be bugging on the first date, what about the next date?

That's probably the ost accurate way to describe my dating life as of late. I go on first dates but never really know about the next one. Like this guy Travis, I think I might like him but I'm not sure where we are going. He makes hints that he wants something more serious but we never really talk outside of us meeting up to do something. leads me to wonder if he's serious or not. 

It kinda reminds me of this guy Christia who ran a web design business. He was the same way, never talked outside of when I saw him face to face. I guess I'm just the kind f girl that needs affection and attention to know what's up. Then again we're on date #3 so things can't be that bad...right?

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