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Create A Starbucks Coffee Cup Planter

Everyone enjoys their Starbucks (unless you think it's to mainstream then this isn't a post for you) I know I love mine whenever I get a chance to get it.  As I was drinking my coffee the other day I began just staring at my cup thinking, "This would be a dope cactus pot."  I had a cactus at home that was still sitting in the pot I bought it in, it was on of the few plants that I actually kept alive.

I went home, coffee cup in hand, to set out on my mini project.  I had some soil from plants that had died to use to fill the cup up with. The soil was obviously dry so wet it a little to help it set. As I placed the soil in the cup I patted it down enough so it wouldn't be loose and it would make the cup a little stiffer.

When it was a little less than half way full I added my cactus. I didn't want to disrupt the health that it already had so I removed the plant as well as the soil from the packaging and placed it in the cup.

I still like it although I wish the cup was a little smaller to match the cactus. I've had it planted like this for about a week and nothing "odd" happened yet (like roots coming out the side or the cup collapsing in on its self)  I like I'm going to do more of these with four smaller cups.

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