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Creating A Calming and Comforting Enviroment When You Come Home

Don't you hate when you come home and you feel more drained than when you left a long day at work? Or when you and your roommate or significate other had a fight and now the vibes in your home are just as tense the day after as when the war was going on? There's nothing worse than having nowhere peaceful to lay your hat down and rest. I have made it my mission to make my home a peaceful environment.

Notice I said peaceful, not happy. Yes, you want to be happy to be home, but it's a lot to have every moment in your home a happy one. It's simply not realistic. However, a peaceful home is a happy home.

A great way to start is when you do feel any type of hostility in yourself is to take a moment while you're in you're sitting in your car and take a few deep breaths. It's also helpful to rant on the phone a little bit before you come in and get that anger out. Just vent. Once you've calmed down, come in your home and play some relaxing music. I like to play blues and jazz but the happy, 'At Last' by Etta James kind something mellow.

That way it keeps my nerves relaxed, and makes me feel the need for sleep rather than anger.

It's also helpful to have pleasant scents fill your home, like lemon grass, so when you take that first breath it's a happy smell that helps again relax you.

It also doesn't hurt having a clean home to come home to. My friend once told me, while I was dragging my feet to clean before leaving for a short trip. "No matter how far the trip, there's nothing like coming home to a clean house." And they're right! When you come home to your things waiting neatly for your return, there's an overwhelming sense of calm. Just knowing there's nothing that you have to do when you get home but relax!

Hopefully, these helped! if there's anything you've feel I've missed leave it down in the comments!

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