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Didn't They Tell You That I was A Savage?

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

"Alright," He said as the door shut behind him. I followed and lock the door behind him.  I laid back down on the couch wearing the same black dress I was in when he came in. No conversation, No catching up, just sex.

This isn't something that is new to me, I've had a relationship similar like this in the past. When I was in college there was a guy named DJ that would come over, we'd have sex then he'd leave and that's it.

The sex is usually not the best, it's like a simple snack that I can eat and toss away, like an apple core. They mean nothing to me and they are nothing to me, seems kind of cold-hearted doesn't it? Well, it is. 🔫

I'm not going to deny what it is. If you approach me with a purely sexual relationship or it just turns out that way then that will be all you are to me, just sex. 💁🏿

Your number is never saved in my phone, details about your life are not stored in memory, and the minute you tell me no without rescheduling is the minute I'm out the door. Even worst when you try to act as if you're my man, like 'Oh no Baby What are you dewin?' 🤦‍♀️

In the famous words of Every Housewife please have several seats before I embarrass you.

Some women don't like this 🙅, some people will always say the mistresses 💃who do this are the ones getting played and the men are the only one getting anything out of it. To a certain extent I understand where they're coming from, however, I get off too. And ultimately, I'm calling the shots which make me feel amazing.

So think what you want, cause I like it. And as for this cat 🐈 that I'm currently fooling around with. He probably has less than a week remaining if that because he's getting real old really fast.

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