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Get The 90's Beauty Look

The 90's have come back with a vengeance and it seems as if this look is stay as long as the decade did. The look is simple how ever the look is often attempted and not completely executed properly. To remedy this I have compiled a list of dues and don'ts to get the 90's baddie look.

  • You want to have a completely matte look, highlighter was not a thing back then. Speaking as a 90's baby, we used body glitter on our cheek(I know the struggle).  A little glow isn't bad but to load it up like the IG baddies of today is more of a "neutral look" than a 90's look. 

  • The brows are the focus point, however, they weren't bold as they just followed the natural shape of your current eyebrow shape. You want them bold and a little dark but they weren't really bold or really thick. Honestly most times they were over plucked, it was a look. I wouldn't recommend that for today's look. I would say steer more on the thinner lighter side rather than bold and dark. 

  • Eye liner is pretty easy it's either a cat eye or just a simple line on the eye, nothing special, just make sure it's black.  You can also smudge it out if you like just make sure around like lash line it dark. 

  • Lips however they were more of a dark brown hue than a pink shade or even a nude. If you're dark skin like me what I typically like to do it after I put on a the dark lips to make them pop more I and a dark brown lip liner around my lips to just make it pop more and bring out my shape. 

Again these are just my recommendations based off of what I witnessed living in that decade. You can always put your own twist on the look if you'd like. I've also attached a short tutorial from  if you're more of a visual person.

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