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How To Create A Skincare Routine

The key to a successful skin care routine is in the planning you have to educate yourself on well, yourself.

Ask yourself. What is my skin care goal? Is it overall skin health, improvement, or just maintaining what you currently have?

Now that you have your goal what is your current skin condition and the type of skin. Typically your skin falls into 3 categories Oily, Combination, or Dry. It's imperative that you know tour skin type so you can determine which skin care products best work for you.  Listed below are the categories and the characteristics.

  After you determined your skin type now it's time to find your products! The basic  things that EVERYONE no matter what your skin type is are:

This is your skincare routine it's literally 5 easy steps. The only thing is actually getting the products right, but that's why knowing your skin type is so important. It basically sets the ground work so basically all you do shop.  Now before you max out your credit cards on skin care here are some recommended products based on your skin type for basic care.

Notice I didn't mention the treatment, that's because it's ultimately based on what your goal is. That part is customizable if you want a glowy complexion, even out skin tone, preventative measures for anti-aging, etc. all up to you. I will say based off my experience splurging on higher end products for your treatment does work out better in the end because the results last longer.

For example, I used to swear by Ambi for my dark spots but say went a few days without using it all my spots would come bac and I would have to start all over. Now with the UFO I can go a few days without it and I'm perfectly fine, it's better ingredients in the products. Remember quality is key.

Anyways I hope this helps!

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