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How To Effectively Get Rid Of Your Ex

Turn your back on him like I did in my Forever21 hoodie 
We all at some point in our lives had an Ex who didn't know they were an Ex. It might have been they had some abandonment issues and weren't ready to let the relationship go or, it might be because on cold lonely nights they're the ones you call to keep you "company". We've all been guilty of stringing someone along when we really weren't interested. That's not necessarily the issue here (although you shouldn't -no matter how fun it is- ðŸ˜ˆ)

This is the case with my most recent Ex, Jay. Don't get me wrong there was a point in time where I would do anything for the dude. And when we broke up and he moved away whenever he was back in town, we would get it in. Even when I got my own place he was my first visitor here and helped me break the place in. ðŸ˜‰

With that being said, now that I've been on the dating scene for two years now I can confidently say I'm over it. I think the reason it was so difficult for me to move on was that I hadn't had anyone else in awhile (we were together for 3 years) and it felt awkward. But now that I have spread my wings a little bit he's just another snack. Sad but true.

So today he contacts me suggesting to me that if he were to come up here at the end of June I would do and wear whatever he wants. Let's pause right there, since when does he pull rank like that? This is something typical that I have allowed throughout the years however it's an attitude that I have grown very tired of. Also who said he could come up at the end of June? Because this wasn't discussed with me.

And that's exactly what I told him 'Who said you could come up in June?'  He told me that I said to just tell me when he was coming next. That was a complete misunderstanding. He was supposed to let me know what his schedule was like and so I could check with mine. That's no longer the case because I'm really not interested.

So I told him point blank. "Yeah.. I'll invite you when I need you."

To which he promptly laughed at saying that he'll stop looking at things to buy, and no he's not talking about a Celine bag.  

I just brushed it off telling him I would stop looking as well since this wasn't happening. He started getting angry as the conversation continued. He was slowly realizing that he was not my main guy and have fallen to the wayside of boy fuckery.

The conversation ended after I told him again that I would call him when I needed him.

I'm not planning on really calling unless all the dick in Charlotte dries up and I've gone so long without any that my hymen reattached.

The moral of the story is if you have a nagging Ex simply bruise his ego. Shut down any sexting or flirtatious talking immediately like it's from a creepy coworker. Make sure you're so blunt and unemotional that penguins would think your cold. He'll be gone in a week. ✌😊🌴

& If you're wondering why I'm being so mean to him, keep in mind the last time he was over here he stained my patio with black spray paint, he gets upset if you don't know his order when you're treating him to food. He's like Scott Disick and Chris Brown's bastard love child. Just an entitled asshole.  Last time when we went out to eat he literally picked up the check, looked at it, and flicked to me happily wiping his hands and smacking his still full mouth saying "you got it." 

No dick is ever that good to be that type of disrespected. 

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