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L'Oréal Paris & Balmain Make Up Collaboration

Do you need me to give you life right now? Because I will.  L'Oréal Paris and Balmain are doing a collaboration on 12 new shades of lipstick and it literally snapped be back to reality. Remember when Balmain collabed with H&M and it was the biggest thing ever? Well they're going to be causing such a frenzy again in September 2017. Here's what I know
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  • Released in September
  • Capsual collection containing 12 new shades all different color schemes 
  • Olivier Rousteing is the creative genius behind the collection 
  • And as always it's only in select retailers, so you might want to go ahead and by online
Hopefully they'll let you pre-order because every blogger(me) and youtube guru is going to buy all 12 shades just to sell the unflattering colors later. 

Are you excited?
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