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One Step To A Clutter Free Closet

My Old Closet RIP

My closet and drawers are literally bursting at the seams yet I never have anything to wear. The main issue I have is I keep clothes that I can't fit or I have nowhere to wear them too. Instead of dumping all my clothes like last time. I

 have taken my friend Jalisa's style advice. What she does is she keeps regular inventory of her clothes meaning she knows exactly how many tops she has, how many shoes, pants, dresses, and so on. Now I personally do not have that kind of motivation. It sounds nice it's not anything that I can actually do weekly like she does.

So what I do is a monthly edit. Which means if I haven't worn something within the past 3 months I usually tossed it. I know most people will go for a year but see how I usually rotate my clothes I don't really have that luxury however I find that with a monthly at it I'm getting rid of a close that I don't wear as well as keeping note of what I currently have in my closet.

That way I know what I wear but I don't wear and what I need more of. It's a simple way to make sure that I stay in control of my closet without being overwhelmed by loads of clothes.

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