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Why I Shave

Early this morning iPad on my balcony Justin the darkness enjoying the silence of the night. I hear birds chirping BAC of my apartment blasting cold air Cooling the tenants below and a gentle breeze lonely Blues in the night and my sister jacket gently grazes my freshly shaved legs.

 The touch is soft as if I'm laying in satin sheets high off ecstasy. I had forgotten how soft fabric can feel. I hadn't shaved my legs in three months. Not because of protest just simply because I didn't feel like shaving. I had let the hair on my arms and legs grow as long and as wild as it wanted. I have to admit , I felt liberated during that period. But feeling the wind on my legs reminded me how good it felt just to feel wind with no disturbance.

And I remembered why I shaved. It wasn't for some guy or to avoid that disgusted stare of my peers but to just enjoy my skin, the skin that I'm in. To feel the breeze slowly coming up my thighs and kissing my arms was almost orgasmic and made me want to go out in to the night completely bare.

But instead I went inside, put my satin sheets on my bed and laid there. Letting the fibers glide over my smooth skin as if I was taking part in a slow dance as I tossed and turned. Hairless skin just feels amazing to me.

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