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Why You Should Start To Shave Your Face

The other day my friend Teresa and I were out eating and I was telling her how a client of mine was going to have her faced shaved. It would be my clients first time but its supposed to make your face super slick.

I was telling her how I could never  do that. My fear was that I would grow a full fledged beard, and I just couldn't have that.

"I shave my face all the time! You definitely don't grow a beard, and it makes your skin super smooth because it takes off your dead skin.  Its like super exfoliating."She says. "You should try it."

"I don't know... all the stuff that I know about shaving its kinda...." I stammered

"Just try it you'll love it"!

I figured whats the worse that can happen other than a little 5 o'clock shadow? And if she dies it and doesn't have a  beard, why not?

She gave  me full instructions on how to do it:

  • Make sure you're in bright light so you can see the hairs (preferably day light) 
  • Have a super good mirror
  • Use an eyebrow razor not the ones you use on your legs 
  • Start section by section and pull the skin tight and take your time.
  • And don't press on the skin to hard with the razor it'll create little scratches.
With her guidance and blessing I went home and attempted the deed.
First off i washed absolutely all my make up off, following the rules of my skincare hangover cure. After that I began to shave my face, starting at my chin all the way up to my eyebrows. After every few strokes I would check the razor to see if I was actually shaving anything. I noticed a little dead skin on the razor as well as what looked like lint on the blade. It had to be working.

I'm not going to lie.. it did take a while to do, a lot longer than what I expected. But once I was satisfied, and couldn't see any more fine hairs I washed my face again. As I patted my face dry I noticed what a huge difference it made in my over all skin appearance. I had a nice subtle glow to my skin, my dark spots were noticeably lighter, and my skin felt super clean.

The next day when I put on my make up was when I noticed the biggest change, it was effortless blending. Everything from my concealer to highlight melted in to my skin and by the end of the day I wasn't even patchy, I even looked less shiny.

I highly suggest you try it out if you've been curious about it. I loved it and I will continue to do it at least once every few days to keep up this amazing skin I now have!

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