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3 Way To Get Thicker Brows

Photo cred: tumblr sonjdradeluxe

When I was around 6 years old or so I had the brilliant idea to shave my eyebrows. I had seen my older sister arch her own and thought it couldn't be that hard. The issue wasn't that I wanted to arch my brows, it was I had no idea what I was doing. So that night in the bath I took a disposable razor to my eyebrows and shaved them right off. They never grew back right, they were sparse and didn't really have color to them. Now years later and many methods tried I can say I do have my brows back. Your situation probably isn't as bad as mine, but just like me, you are looking to and some hair to your brows.  Here I wrote some guidelines I used to help with my growth.

Avoiding eyebrow pencils. Sounds odd, but there not the best for your brows (sorry anatasia). Most pencils are made off a hard wax and have a very fine point, while its good for creating hair like strokes its not the best to grow hair. The hard wax along with pressure pulls on the existing hair damaging the hair follicle. I learned this after continuously use of my eyebrow pencil I noticed little hairs on my pencil, not a good look. Now I use powders and pomades on my brows and Ive seen a huge difference.

Use your oils. Just like a flower you want to create a good environment to have your hair grow. I like Castor oil, or virgin olive oil. I saw some difference but I was so lack with the application (think 2-3 times weekly for a month) I'm surprised I saw anything.

Apply serum, a good option if you can find one that works. I only tried this because I had a serum for my eyelashes and applied to to my brows. It did help alot I used ALS Growth serum. I haven't used it in a while but my results are still slaying

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