Day:9230 The Open Road

by - 8:04 AM

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I woke up today fairly early, around 6 or 8 o'clock. This was my first morning in a while that I had no plans, it seems as if everything was cancelled last minute. I had the option of having "company" over but the more I danced with the idea the more it became more dull and unsatisfying. This bothered me a little seeing how I once felt nothing but love and compassion for him. But just as you get tired of the same song I was growing tired of him.

I guess that shows some growth on my end, that I'm no longer open for any John on the corner and now have a guest list. Then again what does it mean for me? I've begun closing myself off to people, no matter if they're New or old and choosing to be alone rather that with friends or meet new people. When I do have plans I hope they get cancelled so I can just sleep. Who knows, maybe my party girl ways are coming to an end.

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