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My Awful Date With The "Class Act"

Okay, guys, I have to tell you about this terrible date that I was just on. I knew I should not have gone once it was too complicated for us to find a place, however,  spending another weekend inside isn't really the goal here. So I went out and met up with this guy name Justin..

We met up at this arcade bar in the Noda {the artsy district}. I didn't see him when I came in so I just headed to the bar and ordered a disgusting beer because this place didn't look like they served an actual mixed drink.  I heard my name being called from behind me, it was Justin.

So he looked like his picture, Great. Firm Chest good hug, awesome.  Then he spoke, oh my god why did he have to speak. The first thing after his hello was, "Oh you didn't have to buy a drink my friend would have got it for you"

* Record Stops *

Pause. Wait. Seriously. That is the moment that the mouth in my head fell open. Did he really just say that? Is there any way that I can run out of here without being seen? Of course not because we're now headed out to the patio which is right beside the parking lot.

And what do you know there are 2 other guys sitting there and socializing. That's cool but this is also our first time meeting, call me old school but it should be a little more intimate than a bros night.

After we met up and he introduced me to his friends we decided to go to a bar/ restaurant and grab some drinks and get some food. On the way to the car he suggested riding with me so he could play me his mixtape because of course, he's a rapper.

Once we got to the restaurant he kept going on about how his friend was rich and how he got a new job and Chipotle. While mansplaining his world travels he did in college and how delicious my ass looked. Digging himself deeper and deeper. Thank God I drove. I really couldn't take this anymore, between him and his friends taking up for him I was over it.

I excused myself to the restroom and dipped out the backdoor. I almost ran to my car. I promptly blocked his number and headed home.

Moral of the story. Listen to your gut. If it's telling you not to go out, and roadblocks keep appearing that prevent you from going out. take the hint. Ciao! 

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