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The Bra's Have IT

I know it seems like common sense when you have breast especially larger ones to have a well-fitted bra, but it's really not. According to the Swiss Lingerie Company over 64% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. IT usually doesn't seem like a huge deal right? WRONG!! I was one of those women who was wearing the wrong size and I thought the same thing. As long as they're tied down and my nipples aren't poking through who cares? Well, my back cared because my posture was terrible, and my body and back cared because my too small bra was creating rolls I didn't have.

I knew my bras didn't fit, I just didn't want to go buy another bra and find out how huge I actually got. I've always been a busty girl thanks to the amount of milk products I used to drink and my grandmother being a size H. But with my current bra cups running over I figured what could it hurt.

So I went to a local lingerie shop that specializes in bustier women to get measured. They had me remove my top and with my back to the mirror. I never felt so ashamed and embarrassed. My bra didn't eve touch my chest and the straps were holding on for dear life! 

The women measured me then went to bring me some bras. I removed my bra and on the bra she recommended. It was the most comfortable bra of my life! My sides were smoothed out, I looked about 10 pounds lighter and the girls were up and proud!

 She told me this is how a bra is supposed to fit.

Two fingers should be able to fit underneath the band

You should hook your bra on the farthest hook so you have room to grow when the bra stretches

The center of the bra should fit as close to the chest as possible 

and the band should go straight across not up the back
I loved it! The only issue was it looked as if my grandma HAD this bra so she went out to find me something cuter. While she was gone I took a peek at the tag since she never actually told me my size, 34 G, I nearly died. It looks like I got my grandmother's genes after all. 

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