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Vogue Declares Abs Are Out!

how could THIS be out? Photo cred: Pintrest

There is something happening in the fashion world that I'm not particularly fond of. Since my last boyfriend was thick and muscular I have been drawn to that type of body. However, the Holy Bible, Vogue, stated that the body type is gone the way of platform shoes.

In a recent article, it was stated that with the recent wave a gender neutral fashion becoming more mainstream it seems as if 6 pack abs have gone out the window - only for a men ladies. As far as fashion goes(there for the world) goes more towards "natural bodies" does that mean buff men are being shown the door?

I'm all for a gender neutral lifestyle. That's great for some, and while I don't necessarily want a guy obsessed with his looks I do want someone more muscular. There has to be a happy middle ground, They still expect us, women, to be toned and sculpted yet the guys get to just be natural? 

I guess the middle ground would be a new wave of men trying to be thin instead of bulking up in the gym. Also with natural bodies being in women might feel less pressure to be fashion perfect. There's always a silver lining in the gray. Still, I'm so over skinny guys, I need something with someone with meat on them to curl up to.

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