All Bear...No Cuddle

by - 3:34 PM

I'm a fun girl, I like to go out and live my life. If you read my blog at all you can see that I am a very open. With that disclaimer stated let me tell you about Ryan. Ryan was a sweet enough guy, I'm assuming, I only knew him for a day in a half, but we had a good conversation so I thought there was something there. He was a told bear, big, fluffy and possibly hairy. I don't know about the last part simply because I didn't get his pants off.  

We meet in a local bar here in town and continued talking to the next day. I invited him to my house after a few flirtatious texts saying how badly he wanted to cuddle. It was around 1 am so you already know I wasn't looking to cuddle. 

He came over and I peeped his minivan "oh gawd" I thought, but I'm not that shallow, so I continued on. Once he managed to get up my stairs we laid on the couch and we legit cuddled like, we just laid there. I sensed he was trying to make a move on me by rubbing my arm so I told him to rub m back in an attempt to turn me on and give him a chance to feel me up. It was a disaster, I felt like I was being poked with a stick and no it wasn't "him" although he was "ready". 

After he stopped we continued to lie together. He started kissing my neck. Now just as a policy, I don't kiss guys, especially if this is just a booty call, my mouth is my man's. So when I see that a guy is so willing to kiss a stranger it turns me off. He kissed my neck and tried to turn my face towards his and I turned away, strike two if I'm not into it I'm not into it try something else.

He did, he started rubbing my butt and moved towards my pussy brush against it through my leggings. I moved his hand once yet he continued. I let him rub, Lord knows if he didn't make a move during the massage (asking me to remove my top or anything, like most guys do) then he's not going to
reach in my pants. So I waited til the show was over, and asked him politely to leave. 

IT might sound rude but I'm not obligated to have sex with a guy all because I invite him over. Besides, while I felt the package the fact that he didn't know what to do with his hands as indicated by that awful massage tells me all I needed to know. 

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