How Could You Be So Heartless?

by - 6:49 AM

There's a pattern emerging with my dating habits,or rather I'm noticing one. I tend to date harden men, the ones that don't want love or are afraid of it. While they're great for a night they aren't good for anything long term.

Take Greg for example. We spent the last two nights together. While they were great nights the last night we were together it left me a little dishearted.

We had been intimate and were relaxing afterwards. I was expecting another round but I guess he was done. We talked shortly about it and mentioned going to get another condom because we had used the last one. On his way out I said my typical goodbye appearing to know that it was the end of the night but secretly hoping that he would come back. I waited 3 minutes to see if he would. He did not, so I texted Justin to come over. Even though I had another guy ready, I still wasn't satisfied.  I feel as if I actually like Greg a little more than I should.

I'm not sure why, or how it even happened seeing how when I first met him he didn't make it on my list for potential hookups. But with a few drinks later anything is possible.  I guess I'll leave well enough alone. I've learned the to not force anything with someone who isn't interested. So I'll continue on..

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