My Very Own Mister Grey

by - 8:15 AM

My curiosity is going to be the death of me. I love seeing and trying new things it keeps my life,exciting. Except when it puts me in dangerous territory.

One day I was at Starbucks listening to a audioook and doing some research when I heart name being called. I figured it must have been for my coffee. As I reach the counter I feel eyes on me. I look to my left and see a stunning example of male excellence starring at  me.  He stood about 6'2 wearing denim jeans and a light blazer. He reminded me of a professor he had dreads pulled into a ponytail that went all the way down his back and was peering at me over his glasses. Game On.

I gave him a sly smile as I grabbed my coffee and headed back to my seat. After a few moments I noticed the mysterious stranger has approached my table.
"May I have a seat?" He asked.
"You may." I responded moving some of my items out of the way. He stared at me for about 2 or 3 minutes before introducing himself. Thomas was his name and he was an artist.

When I asked him what kind of art does he done chuckled before answering erotic. Not porn  but bondage,bdsm work. Oh my.
It was as if a tsunami hit and I was over come by "curiousity". So we exchanged numbers and went in about our day. He texted me to see what I was up to and if I wanted to grab dinner tomorrow.  I accepted.

At dinner the conversation went smoothly as if we known each other for years. He said that he was interested in me and wanted to introduce me to the life style. Again I'm a curious person and he was hot so I pressed on in my journey.

He invited me to his studio to show me some toys and the ropes(pun intended). It was spectacular. There was a machine attached to a dildo ropes that glow'd in the dark, handcuffs and bars attached to walls that I can only imagine what they're used for.  As I'm taking it all in Thomas begins circling around me then goes over and has a seat in a chair.

"You really sparked my interest, Rae. I want to press and test your limits. I want to see you at extreme pleasure, and in pain. I want to experience it all with you. I want to be the puppet master for all of your emotions." He says this in a voice that is so calm that its both soothing and terrifying. I stand there not really sure of what to do or say next.

 He smiles at the awkwardness of it all he tells me he just wanted to show me his work but not now and that we can now leave. The ride back to the bar is quiet. I'm not sure what to say. I enjoy the dominate spirit of it all but he's also very creepy. I dont know again curiosity is going to be the death of me..

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