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It's Going Down At The Four Seasons!

The next morning I awoke to 'The View' playing on my TV and a wine bottle in my hand from last night. I push myself up as I look around trying to remember where I am. I'm home, in bed, with no immediately visible signs of harm. Thank God. Soon I hear my phone vibrating and begin frantically searching for it in the sheets.

Missed call -unknown number-  I do not need that in my life.

I also had about 3 text messages, one of them was Jeremy sending me a video of us having sex. I rolled my eyes in disgust, I couldn't believe he really came over my house and caused a scene like that.  I try to shake it off and proceed with my day.

I had a date later that night with Jason, a stock broker that I've been talking to for a while over the phone but he's in town this weekend. We enjoy dinner at 2112 then hit up an after hours bar for drinks. He invites up to his hotel room for some alone time, and I accept. I really needed something to get my mind off of last night and this might of been the ticket. After a night of sex, I fall asleep like a baby.

Suddenly I'm awakened by some commotion from the front room. I crack open the door and see Jason arguing with a woman. "Is that his wife?" I wonder, "or is it some other girl he's been messing with?" I listen intently. The argument soon turns violent when the woman punches Jason square on the nose. He raises his hand as if to strike her but takes a deep breath then lowers it.

He looks over to the bedroom door and sees me staring through the crack, our eyes meet for a second then in a huff he says. "Fuck this, I'm out of here," grabbing his things then storming out of the room as the woman follows right on his heels.

I go back to the bed and sit motionless in the dark. Is he coming back or should I leave? I wait about 14 minutes before realizing he's not coming back. I didn't know what just happened but I know I didn't want to be in the middle of it. So I grabbed my things and called an uber to take me home.

 My lucky streak with men has officially run out...

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When A Not So Stranger Knocks

So let me tell y'all about this crazy scenario I was just in. Ok so I know you guys know the story of Joe a guy I've been messing around with for what seemed like years. He came over my place last night for old time sake and we were fooling around.

Suddenly I hear this loud banging on my apartment door, it's so loud the neighbors dogs started barking. Joe is looking at me mid stoke like who is knocking on your door like that? I have no idea! So I toss my Calvin Klien satin robe on and see who it is was. It was no other than my ex Jeremy.

I yell through the door "why are you here?"
He yells back "who the fuck you got in there?" Mind you Jeremy lives 3 hours away from me and I hadn't talked to him in weeks so his purpose for being at my home is completely unknown. I tell him it's none of his business and he needs to go before I call the cops. He calms down and says he just wants to talk. I tell him I have company over and he has to go.

I head back to the bedroom and apologize to Joe. I didn't really explain what happened or who it was, I just made up for the intrusion. After a few hours Joe leaves, I watched from my balcony to make sure he made it to his car safely. As I turned to go back inside hear banging on my door again. It was Jeremy asking to talk.

Regretfully I agreeed to meet him in the parking lot. There he stood out in the summer heat in a white tank and ripped jeans leaning up against his car smoking a cigarette.

"Is that your new boyfriend?" he asked.
I rolled my eyes "what are you even doing here?"
"I was trying to be romantic and surprise you until I saw him walk in to your apartment."

"Isn't it a little to late for romance? I mean we've been broken up for some time now."
"Doesn't mean I can't win you back"he says taking a step towards me reaching out like he wanted to give me a hug.
I stuck my hand out to stop him. "Not after that stunt you just pulled. I don't even want to see you, you possibly just messed up my little game I have here. In fact I think you need to go."

 His face grew dark and a vein grew larger on his forehead. I looked him dead in his eyes and sternly told him togo home."I'm not losing you Raelynn I refuse to."
"You already have Jeremy you need to leave well enough alone and go."

 He flicks his cigarette and starts to laugh. "It's cute that you think you really have a choice here. I'll be back though." He gets in his car and starts the engine and blows me a kiss then speeds off.

 A cold chill ran down my spine as I rushed back to my apartment locking the door behind me. I barely slept a wink that night drinking glasses of Malbec to get me to sleep. I'm hoping that's the last of it but I know it's not.

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How Could You Be So Heartless?

There's a pattern emerging with my dating habits,or rather I'm noticing one. I tend to date harden men, the ones that don't want love or are afraid of it. While they're great for a night they aren't good for anything long term.

Take Greg for example. We spent the last two nights together. While they were great nights the last night we were together it left me a little dishearted.

We had been intimate and were relaxing afterwards. I was expecting another round but I guess he was done. We talked shortly about it and mentioned going to get another condom because we had used the last one. On his way out I said my typical goodbye appearing to know that it was the end of the night but secretly hoping that he would come back. I waited 3 minutes to see if he would. He did not, so I texted Justin to come over. Even though I had another guy ready, I still wasn't satisfied.  I feel as if I actually like Greg a little more than I should.

I'm not sure why, or how it even happened seeing how when I first met him he didn't make it on my list for potential hookups. But with a few drinks later anything is possible.  I guess I'll leave well enough alone. I've learned the to not force anything with someone who isn't interested. So I'll continue on..

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