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3 Way To Get Thicker Brows

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When I was around 6 years old or so I had the brilliant idea to shave my eyebrows. I had seen my older sister arch her own and thought it couldn't be that hard. The issue wasn't that I wanted to arch my brows, it was I had no idea what I was doing. So that night in the bath I took a disposable razor to my eyebrows and shaved them right off. They never grew back right, they were sparse and didn't really have color to them. Now years later and many methods tried I can say I do have my brows back. Your situation probably isn't as bad as mine, but just like me, you are looking to and some hair to your brows.  Here I wrote some guidelines I used to help with my growth.

Avoiding eyebrow pencils. Sounds odd, but there not the best for your brows (sorry anatasia). Most pencils are made off a hard wax and have a very fine point, while its good for creating hair like strokes its not the best to grow hair. The hard wax along with pressure pulls on the existing hair damaging the hair follicle. I learned this after continuously use of my eyebrow pencil I noticed little hairs on my pencil, not a good look. Now I use powders and pomades on my brows and Ive seen a huge difference.

Use your oils. Just like a flower you want to create a good environment to have your hair grow. I like Castor oil, or virgin olive oil. I saw some difference but I was so lack with the application (think 2-3 times weekly for a month) I'm surprised I saw anything.

Apply serum, a good option if you can find one that works. I only tried this because I had a serum for my eyelashes and applied to to my brows. It did help alot I used ALS Growth serum. I haven't used it in a while but my results are still slaying

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Vogue Declares Abs Are Out!

how could THIS be out? Photo cred: Pintrest

There is something happening in the fashion world that I'm not particularly fond of. Since my last boyfriend was thick and muscular I have been drawn to that type of body. However, the Holy Bible, Vogue, stated that the body type is gone the way of platform shoes.

In a recent article, it was stated that with the recent wave a gender neutral fashion becoming more mainstream it seems as if 6 pack abs have gone out the window - only for a men ladies. As far as fashion goes(there for the world) goes more towards "natural bodies" does that mean buff men are being shown the door?

I'm all for a gender neutral lifestyle. That's great for some, and while I don't necessarily want a guy obsessed with his looks I do want someone more muscular. There has to be a happy middle ground, They still expect us, women, to be toned and sculpted yet the guys get to just be natural? 

I guess the middle ground would be a new wave of men trying to be thin instead of bulking up in the gym. Also with natural bodies being in women might feel less pressure to be fashion perfect. There's always a silver lining in the gray. Still, I'm so over skinny guys, I need something with someone with meat on them to curl up to.

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How To Effectively Ditch Your Date And Still Get Dinner

There's been many times where I met a guy off the internet and thought oh God no within at least five minutes of the date. But I'm still hungry enough to stay for the food but how does one get the dinner without staying for the entire date? Well my friends I have found such a way and I am here to tell you πŸ˜Š

The most effective way to end the date quickly without rousing suspicion is to start in the very beginning.

Once you've ordered your food it's time to go excuse yourself to the bathroom. There you can do one of two things, either call or text your friend and tell them to call you in 10 minutes with some fake story, or download the fake a call app and set it to call you at a certain time ideally 10 to 15 minutes after you left the bathroom. I like to set it to call twice the calls being within 5 minutes of each other you'll find out why later on.😏

When you go back out act natural and continue the date and conversations as normal. As you wait for the call sit your phone face up so that they can see someone is calling.

Always end the first call abruptly either by  rejecting it or answering the call and say "I'll call you back, I'm out right now." That way it seems as if you're actually enjoying the evening.

Once the food has arrived take a few bites as you wait for the second call. Once you receive the second call answer it with some annoyance in your voice and step away. Stay away for at least five minutes and create a reason to leave. When you return appear flustered and apologize profusely saying that there's been a family emergency and that you have to go. Always have a story made just in case they ask you for details my favorite is someone has been rushed to the ER, another great one is a grandparent has that has fallen. It's always best to do someone who has already passed on or a relative that you don't really have such as a godmother that way Karma doesn't come and bite you in the ass. Also it's hard to expect someone to stay the entire date when something bad has happened.

Just to add a little bit more finessed to it I like to plan the next date that way they truly think I'm still interested even though I just came for the dinner. Politely ask the waiter to box up your food and in a hurry but not in a rush leave the dinner give them a hug and say you'll call them later on that night or tomorrow. What you're safely in your car or at home block their number and remove them for all social media.

Now enjoy your dinner ladies πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ

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